In 1990 the Foundation was established as an endowment fund, with income earned from the Fund's assets used to support worthy projects endorsed by the congregation. 

Funds are received in the form or memorials, bequests, life insurance and other personal contributions. Those who make these gifts - now or in the future - are recognized as Celebrants.

These gifts are a way to leave a legacy for future generations and serve to strengthen Saint Matthew's ability to make a difference in the community and globally. All gifts are welcome!

You can read more about the foundation in our brochure.

You can view the most recent Foundation Financial Reports here.

Here are the most recent Foundation meeting minutes.

Deborah Adey, Scholarship (2024)

Jim Kohl, Secretary (2023)

Gwen Ross (2024)

Nancy Schott, Chair (2022)

Renate Schoenberg, Treasurer (2022)

Celeste Seibert (2023)

Pastor Rustin Comer, Voting Staff Liaison

*Parentheses indicate term end date


In recent years, many churches have installed a columbarium as a meaningful way to honor and respect the remains of those who have been born into eternal life.

Saint Matthew has a tranquil Columbarium and Memorial Garden adjacent to the Sanctuary. It can be entered from the Sanctuary or from outside the building via the North Entrance parking lot.

A granite plaque has been placed in the Memorial Garden where the names of family and friends interred here or buried elsewhere can be added as a commemoration of their lives. If you are interested in having a name or names added to the plaque, now is the time to let us know as we will be ordering a second plaque soon. Forms for making a request are available at the Welcome Center.

Columbarium Pricing

Memorial Plaque Request Form

Please contact Gwen Ross or Tami Gomez for additional information.



PURPOSE: The Saint Matthew Lutheran Church Legacy Foundation Fund has set aside a portion of their earnings to support committed Christians in continuing their education beyond high school.

ELIGIBILITY: The Saint Matthew Lutheran Church Legacy Foundation Fund offers scholarship to men and women who are graduating from high school and will be enrolling in or currently enrolled in a full time accredited four-year program leading to a baccalaureate degree. Applicants must be high school students who have been actively involved in the teen ministry program, or programs such as Spark or Forge, Vacation Bible School, Camp Matt or the music program at Saint Matthew.

HOW:  The application is to be submitted online while the two letters of recommendation are to be submitted via e-mail to

WHEN: Applications, including the letter of recommendations, must be received by 6pm on April 16th, 2021. Applications received after this date/time will not be considered. Incomplete applications or applications lacking two supporting letters of recommendation will not be considered.

SCHOLARSHIP PAYMENT: The scholarship award will be sent to the educational institution on the applicants’ behalf and distributed under the institution’s policies. Successful applicants will also be required to submit a recent photo for publication purposes.

For further information contact the Scholarship Committee