At Saint Matthew, we have a series of steps you can take in your faith journey as you get to know, follow, and serve God:


Are you looking for answers? Would you like to explore a life of faith?  At Saint Matthew you will find direction and encouragement for a life-long spiritual journey. The first step is to discover a relationship with God.  Come to worship, ask questions, read the Bible, and pray.  The Alpha course is a great place to start (keep an eye out in the Fall for our Alpha course!).  If you need help in first steps, please email Andy Smith, and we'll assist you in finding a group or people that can walk alongside you.

Baptism was given by God as the universal Christian experience. There is no such thing as an unbaptized Christian in the New Testament (unless you might note the thief on the cross, clearly an unique circumstance).  No matter how a person comes to faith (through growing up in a Christian home, a summer camp or retreat experience, the witness of a friend, etc.), Baptism is a means by which all Christians are to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, assurance of faith, and become part of the Body of Christ.

We baptize the children of believing parents and claim the promise that they are part of God’s covenant people through this Sacrament. We also baptize adult converts (and believe this should be normative). Those who have not received Christian Baptism should plan on scheduling a time to be baptized if they want to commune regularly at Saint Matthew.  We ask that you attend a baptism meeting prior to being baptized at a celebration worship.  Contact Jack Easby to find when the next baptism meeting and dates are.

The best way for someone to strengthen and build their faith is to get involved with a community of other believers.  We encourage you to find a small group or place of service  that fits your interest and schedule because it is in these groups that we connect with and support one another.  You can find a small group here.

We encourage you to continually grow in your faith.  Here are some ways this can happen:
•    Attend Worship (Sunday morning or Wednesday evening): Grow in faith by pursuing a lifestyle of worship and regularly attending one of our worship services.
•    Outreach: Impact your community and the world through our various global and local outreach opportunities.
•   Become a Partner in Mission:  we are a community that believes—and practices—that every member is a minister and that we are called to fulfill God's Mission together.  We regularly hold Partner in Mission  orientations. Contact Jill Okimoto to sign up for the next orientation.