• Directory

    The information contained within these directories is strictly confidential and published with the understanding that any unauthorized use of phone numbers, addresses or other information is prohibited.  Saint Matthew Lutheran Church publishes this directory for the purpose of contacting members in regard to events and functions of the church only. Click here to access our online directory.

  • Planning Center

    Planning Center is an online method of planning our worship services, including scheduling and reminding volunteers that help during and around the worship services.  Volunteers can check their schedules and block out dates they are not available.  Click here to access Planning Center.

  • Online Newsletters

    Follow us online for news pertinent to your interests. There are newsletters for parents of children, teen ministry, church-wide, etc.  Sign up to receive one or more of our newsletters here.

    To read a copy of our current newsletter, click here.

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment

    If you are interested in finding out what your spiritual gifts might be, here is an online test that can help you. 

  • Annual Yearbook

    Our Annual Yearbook is a beautiful look back at the highlights of who we are and what we did last year. Full of photos, summaries and financial information, we celebrate what God is doing at Saint Matthew.  Click here to read our 2017 Annual Yearbook.