"Team is always the way forward," that's our staff motto at Saint Matthew.  

Team is always defined by the task we are trying to accomplish, so our staff team is defined by our Mission and Vision.  

Our staff core values are: 1) servant-hearted; 2) positive attitude; and 3) being flexible.

  • Rev. Dr. Andy Smith

    Lead Pastor


    (925) 932-1955 x114

  • Rev. Tim Philips

    Interim Pastor


    (925) 932-1955 x118

    Fun Fact: On Fridays, Tim takes the day off to care for his grandson Vinny. #fridayswithvinny

  • Kathy Frattini

    Operations Team Leader


    (925) 932-1955 x112

    Fun Fact: Kathy was born and raised in Chicago and is a die hard Cubs and Bears fan. Approach with caution during major sporting events. ;-)

  • Mike Basil

    Teen Ministry Team Leader


    (925) 932-1955 x122

    Fun Fact: Mike is a board game genius! He owns over 100 of them and teaches at board game conventions. 

  • tanya nemcik

    interim children ministry team leader


    (925) 932-1955 x121

    Fun fact: Tanya has a mini-zoo! She owns tortoises, bunnies, chickens, parakeets, fish, lizards, dogs, and cats.

  • TJ Burke

    Worship Arts Team Leader


    (925) 932-1955 x117

  • Tami Gomez

    Care Ministries Coordinator


    (925)932-1955 x107

    Fun Fact: Tami loves the water! Swimming in it, splashing in it, and all the various forms of weather that bring it.  

  • Jack Easby

    Office & Media Arts Assistant



    Fun Fact: Need a caffeine fix? Jack is a retired barista and is the man for the job! 

  • Jill Okimoto

    marketing & Communications Associate


    (925)932-1955 x108

    Fun Fact: Jill is a dedicated water polo and synchronized swimming mom. She has very athletic and talented girls!

  • Amanda Diehl

    Teen Ministry Associate

    Social media coordinator



    (925)932-1955 x116

    Fun Fact: If you ever need a teammate for a pop culture trivia night, Amanda is your girl. She's a guru on all things entertainment.  

  • Sue Burke

    Children Ministry Associate


    (925) 932-1955 x120

  • Paula Hayase

    Database Associate


    (925) 932-1955 x113

    Something you didn’t know about Paula: She is a “puzzler.” That means she enjoys crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles and some riddles (as long as they aren’t too hard!)

  • Marv Schick

    Financial Team Leader


    (925) 932-1955 x111

  • Tom Aragon

    AV/Sound Associate


    (925) 216-2830