The Tender Loving Care (TLC) ministry at Saint Matthew provides support to our church family members who are undergoing a life-changing event such as serious illness, surgery, or childbirth. Families or individuals can request meals or transportation and a TLC volunteer whose schedule allows will respond to the need. Meals do not need to be made from scratch, any meal support is helpful to families in need.

To become a TLC volunteer please contact Karen Ball. If you would like meal or ride support, please contact Tami Gomez (925.932.1955 x107) to discuss how we can be coming alongside of you.


Throughout the year, we take time as a community to bless some of the prayer shawls that are given out to friends who are going through a difficult time. Each person who receives a shawl is reminded that the shawl represents God's love, the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the abiding peace of our Lord Jesus. We extend our gratitude to all the hands that are currently making and delivering these lovely expressions of God's love. If you are interested in being a part of the ministry that makes or delivers these prayer shawls, please contact Tami Gomez.