"Team is always the way forward," that's our staff motto at Saint Matthew.  

Team is always defined by the task we are trying to accomplish, so our staff team is defined by our Mission and Vision.  

Our staff core values are: 1) servant-hearted; 2) positive attitude; and 3) being flexible.

  • rustin comer

    lead pastor


    (925) 932-1955 x115

  • Kathy Frattini

    Operations Team Leader


    (925) 932-1955 x112

    Kathy was born and raised in Chicago and is a die hard Cubs and Bears fan. Approach with caution during major sporting events. ;-)

  • Mike Basil

    Digital & NextGen Minister Director


    (925) 932-1955 x122

    Mike is a board game genius! He owns over 100 of them and teaches at board game conventions. 

  • Sue Burke

    Children's Ministry team Leader


    (925) 932-1955 x120

    When Sue isn’t serving the children of Saint Matthew, she can probably be found driving her own 6 kids all over town, or standing in front of the fridge wondering what’s for dinner. 

  • Tami Gomez

    Care and connecting Ministry team leader


    (925)932-1955 x107

    Tami loves the water! Swimming in it, splashing in it, and all the various forms of weather that bring it. Tami also loves people so serving in Care and Connecting Ministry is a great way for Tami to love on people and bring people together to grow in their love for Christ and one another.

  • Amanda slagle

    communications and marketing director


    teen ministry associate


    (925)932-1955 x116

    If you ever need a teammate for a pop culture trivia night, Amanda is your girl. She's a guru on all things entertainment.  

  • pastor lil belusa

    interim visitation pastor

    Pastor Lil's granddaughter, Lydia, introduced her to the World of Harry Potter! Lydia had completed all but the last book and Pastor Lil started reading the books to get more connected with her. A bond of incredible joy and imagination ensued. Last April they went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Tampa, Florida! Any thing H.P. and she's hooked!

  • kristina mcconnell

    office administration

    facility coordinator


    (925) 932-1955 x108

    The beach is her happy place! She loves spending time with family, playing games, and going to see live performances. She hopes that everyone she comes in contact with experiences Jesus' joy.

  • Paula Hayase

    Database Associate


    (925) 932-1955 x113

    Paula is a “puzzler.” That means she enjoys crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles and some riddles (as long as they aren’t too hard!)

  • Tom Aragon

    AV/Sound Associate


    (925) 216-2830

    Tom loves to go camping with his family and enjoying great food and wine with his friends.

  • alex padilla


    If you listen to Alice 97.3, you can thank Alex for keeping things running! He works as a radio board operator there at night.


At Saint Matthew, we believe the church of today and tomorrow begins with students and their families. The Director of Student Ministry will provide leadership and direction to all aspects of Saint Matthew’s Student Ministry. The Director of Student Ministry will be capable of overseeing and delivering innovative, sustainable, and reproducible ministry systems for maximum spiritual impact with high school and middle school students. The Director of Student Ministry will be a creative leader of leaders and inspirational advocate for future generations of the Church. At the core of the Director of Student Ministry should be an inclusive, meaningful, faith-forward life that inspires students and families with the love of Jesus. For more information and to apply, please email your resume to Rustin Comer.